Erwin Landau - photographed by Chris Haarhoff
Erwin Landau

Camera Operator
Steadicam Operator

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Rig  •  Follow Focus  •  Arm  •  Vest  •  Cart  •  Video Assist  •  Accessories  •  Additional Rentals / Special Request
1 XCS Ultimate 1 Rig (HD ready)
2 XCS TB-6 Monitors (PAL/NTSC)
10 Anton Bauer LiIon Batteries
3 Four-Position Anton Bauer Chargers
Follow Focus:
1 ARRI FIZ 3 channel System
1 ARRI WCU-4 Hand Unit (3 channel FIZ with Alexa License)
1 ARRI UMC-4 Motor Driver
1 ARRI SXU-1 Single Channel Focus/Iris Hand Unit
2 ARRI CLM-4 Motors
1 ARRI UDM-1 (Cinetape) LMB-25 integrated
Run and Power Cables for all commonly used 65mm, 35mm, 16mmm, Broadcast Video and Hi-Def Cameras
PRO Arm (13-72 lbs / 6-33 kg)
PRO Vest
Modular Case Cart with integrated Steadicam riser and Gorelock
American Stand with Gorelock
Video Assist:
1 Canatrans SD Video Transmitter (PAL/NTSC)
1 Canatrans Tandem SD Video Receiver (PAL/NTSC)
1 Transvideo Pegasus SD Video Receiver (PAL)
1 Transvideo Hermes SD Video Receiver (PAL)
1 XCS TR-1 SD Video Receiver (NTSC)
1 Titan SD TX/RX System (PAL/NTSC)
1 Flat Panel Antenna
2 Redbyte Decimator 1 (HD to SD Converter)
1 Sony XC-555 color SD Videotap
1 Transvideo Cinemonitor 3A SuperBright SD Director's Handheld Monitor
1 Transvideo Rainbow II SuperBright SD Director's Handheld Monitor
1 ARRI LMB-25 Mattebox System
1 Panavision Mattebox System
1 Roscoe Panel Light System
1 Aladdin Flat Panel System
Alexa Plates and Accessories
Additional Rentals / Special Request:
1 XCS 2" Super Post (45")
1 Walter Klassen Hard Mount
1 Worrell Gearhead (Mitchell or 150 mm Ball Mount)
Erwin's Ultimate 
Erwin's Steadi-Cart 
Walter Klassen Hardmount 
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